Progress through partnership

A message from Stacy Bucchere, head of Institutional Retirement Client Management

Recently I had the pleasure of connecting with many of you at an event where I was inspired by the collective passion and dedication to helping improve employee financial wellness. As we exchanged ideas and learned from each other, I was impressed by the power of our partnership, and how much more we accomplish when we work together.

Stacy Bucchere

Stacy Bucchere

I value our relationships and am excited by the opportunities to do more together going forward. As we hit the mid-point of the year, our team is in high gear—keeping the momentum going! That means not only continuing to provide excellent support and service to address ongoing plan needs and urgent workplace challenges, but also digging deeper to better understand the issues that matter to you and your employees so we can be proactive in addressing them.

We do this, first and foremost, by listening. Your voice is reflected in everything we do, and I encourage you to reach out with additional feedback and input at any time. Our interactions with you and your employees guide us in enhancing services that can help make your job easier and in creating more meaningful experiences that can move the needle on financial wellness.

It is especially heartening to see that even against today’s ever-changing economic landscape and workplace challenges, our mission to inspire individuals to live their best financial lives continues to anchor, unite and drive us.”

In addition, we continue to lead the way on research to uncover emerging needs and priorities and to study issues that are perhaps not fully understood. These insights are extremely valuable in helping to introduce new solutions and innovative, personalized tools to support holistic wellness across all segments of the workforce. And we share these findings with you to spark important conversations in the workplace and to help you initiate positive change.

We can also work with you on plan data analysis to identify potential financial disparities across the many employee cohorts we serve and to guide strategies to help close those gaps, such as optimizing plan design and enhancing employee educational programs.

Staying on top of the evolving workplace landscape includes keeping you informed on the ever-changing legislative and regulatory environment—most notably of late, the SECURE 2.0 Act. You have expressed extremely high interest in this topic, and we encourage an ongoing dialogue to make sure we continue to address your questions and support optional changes to your plan that you may be considering.

Let’s keep the conversation going! We’re here for you—but we can’t be successful without you. I believe that one of the most rewarding parts of our work together is how we inspire each other to be better every day.