Investing attitudes of women and the path to financial independence

Investing is an important strategy in helping women build wealth to support their longer lifespans and goals for the future. However, a recent Bank of America study, Women, money, confidence—A lifelong relationship, reveals women often lack confidence with investing and related decisions that can affect their long-term financial health.

48% of women say they feel confident about managing their finances...

...yet only 28% feel empowered.

Women cite a lack of knowledge as one of the key factors holding them back from being more involved with investing.1

These findings suggest a need for ongoing education and guidance to help women develop investing confidence and skills to take the next steps on their financial journeys. And women are poised for action, with 1 in 5 saying it is time for a change.1 Women are increasingly more comfortable having financial conversations and are interested in financial education and finding trusted sources of advice. Younger women especially show greater confidence in talking about their finances, which could signal a positive outlook for future generations of women.

Read highlights from the study focused on women and investing. It includes actions women can take to help them move forward on the path to financial equality and independence. In addition, we’re making the insights from the full Women, money, confidence—A lifelong relationship report actionable through a new financial checklist available to participants on Benefits OnLine®.

1 Ipsos survey. Bank of America, 2022.