Unleashing women’s financial potential

Our recently published study, Women, money, confidence—A lifelong relationship, dives into the financial lives of women and provides insights that can help women take charge of their futures. The study revealed that women are gaining financial confidence and a desire for increased financial knowledge, especially around investing, which can help them on their path to achieving their full financial potential.

Key findings from the study include:

  • How women feel about managing finances

    Nearly half of women (48%) say they feel confident about their finances, yet only 28% feel empowered to take action on them.
  • Women overwhelmingly would choose more money over more time off

    61% of women would choose more money/keep same work schedule but receive less in pay. 39% of women would choose more time off/away from work without impacting pay.
  • How women rate their financial health

    The majority of women report they are doing well managing their day-to-day finances. But women are struggling with planning for their futures by saving for emergencies, retirement and building wealth.
  • Women are starting to feel more comfortable talking about money

    53% find it easier to talk to other women.
  • Lack of investment knowledge plays a role in keeping women from investing

    1 in 3 women don't feel they have the knowledge to be more involved in investing, and women are open to help in managing their finances.

Actionable ideas to help support women’s financial wellness

Findings from the study may highlight opportunities for employers to provide additional support and guidance to help women continue to gain confidence and make progress on their financial journeys. Actions for employers to consider include:

  • Offer workplace educational programs and resources to build knowledge of money matters, from basic finances to a focus on investing. Ensure resources and tools are easy to access and align with women’s busy lifestyles.
  • Promote the benefits of financial planning and getting started early, providing access to products and services that can help women plan, save and invest for their futures.
  • Encourage retirement planning with guidance and tools to help women calculate how much they might need in retirement and to identify sources of income.
  • Provide access to career guidance that can help women manage career interruptions and minimize their impact.
  • Consider starting women employee networks and events in the workplace—or promote awareness of existing programs—to provide comfortable opportunities for women to share their experiences with and learn from other women.
  • Offer opportunities for women to easily connect with a financial professional.
  • Tailor resources and experiences to meet women’s diverse needs across different ages, income levels and ethnicities.


Download the full report Women, money, confidence—A lifelong relationship, to learn more.