Gen Z: The next generation of employees

Generation Z (“Gen Z”) is the demographic cohort succeeding millennials. This group ranges in age from early teens to about 25 years old and it is the most ethnically diverse of the generations. Individuals who are part of this generation tend to be focused on social causes and want to make an impact on the world. They are very practical with their money but also report high levels of financial stress and anxiety, which is not surprising since many Gen Zers came of age in a global pandemic.

Eyes are on these young adults, who are poised to shape our society, economy and the workplace in the years ahead. As Gen Zers enter the workforce, they are re-examining the way they work and what they want from their employers. Employers are paying attention, as it will shape how they recruit and retain new talent in a tight labor market.

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Bank of America recently hosted a panel discussion to provide additional perspective on Gen Z and its view of the economy, expectations of employers and impact on the workplace. The presentation also highlighted how one organization is helping young adults build business skills through hands-on experiences, and what insights they have for employers looking to hire Gen Z employees. Participating in the panel discussion were Bank of America Retirement & Personal Wealth Solutions leaders Kevin Crain, head of Workplace Solutions Integration, and Kai Walker, head of Inclusion Transformation. They were joined by guest speaker Bobby Nasson, director of Strategic Initiatives at More Than Words, a nonprofit social enterprise that empowers youth to take charge of their lives by taking charge of a business. Click the play button to watch a replay of the presentation.

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