Boost your company’s cyber defenses

With 27 million interactions every day on Bank of America digital platforms, we have the highest standards for security and privacy. We have invested in the required technology, processes and people to manage a multi-layered defense against potential cyber crime, but there are also steps you can take to help protect yourself, your employees and your company against cyber threats. We want to pass along the most current information and tips to help your workforce stay safe online.

A virtual workforce

The coronavirus outbreak has restricted travel, made working remotely a necessity for many employees and increased risk as more mobile devices connect to company networks than ever before. But the right combination of tools and practices can help all organizations stay safe while helping us stay connected.

Read our Cyber Security Journal to get insights and tips to help bolster your company’s cyber defenses.

Protecting data

Data is critical to performance and a competitive edge, yet many companies are struggling with the sheer volume of information—and living with an elevated risk of data theft or loss. But good governance is possible, even as a work in progress.

The time of simple password management and sign-on to company networks is ending. Access management is a fast-evolving but critical feature of cyber security. And, as business operations become more specialized, more third parties are plugging into company networks.

Learn best practices for managing your data, access and third-party vendors. Understanding and implementing these best practices and taking steps to mitigate risk can help your company be more cyber aware and cyber secure.