Ways to re-energize workplace financial wellness in 2021

With a new year around the corner, it’s a great time to consider strategies you can use to help employees get on track with their financial goals.

Our 2021 Financial Wellness Calendar provides a yearlong schedule of educational outreach activities and resources that can help support employees on their financial journeys. The calendar highlights:

Educational campaigns that provide your employees with personalized and action-oriented messages focused on financial wellness and plan benefits.
Educational content available on Benefits OnLine® (BOL), including videos, articles, audiocasts and more—refreshed throughout the year based on seasonal themes and events.
Live weekly webinars accessed through BOL.
Online “blog” experience to connect employees to timely and relevant content, updated each month to help them live better financially. Quarterly email that highlights new insights and articles is sent to employees who’ve opted in to receive educational information.
Ready-to-go financial wellness materials available for you to use on the Employee Communications Center.

Organized by quarter, the calendar also identifies national events and topics—such as Financial Literacy Month, budgeting, managing debt, and saving for the future—that can help inspire messaging for your financial wellness education program.

Key takeaways

Download the 2021 Financial Wellness Calendar and consider how the resources referenced can help you boost employee engagement throughout the year.

Talk with your Bank of America team about building a robust financial wellness engagement program at your company.

View the Health & Benefit Accounts 2021 educational email campaign schedule.