Connect with your peers on priorities for the year ahead

From managing the needs of a remote workforce to keeping teams motivated and focused on company productivity and goals, this past year has challenged plan sponsors and HR professionals to be resourceful and creative in meeting the needs of a changing workplace. As we look to 2021, we thought it could be valuable to share experiences, insights and learnings from across the industry that can help inform strategies for the year ahead.

To help facilitate those connections, we are inviting you to share your perspective on important industry issues with your peers through Workplace Insights. Simply email us what you consider to be your greatest priorities and challenges for the year ahead and we’ll report on the findings in an upcoming issue. Submissions will be kept anonymous and summarized to help highlight common concerns and trends.

Here are some prompts to help you think about what could be valuable to share with your peers:

What are the top challenges you are experiencing due to the coronavirus?
What are your priorities going into 2021? How have they changed from this year?
How have your benefits programs evolved over the past year? What critical needs have emerged?
What support and guidance will you offer employees to help them manage their financial lives?
What steps will you take to help keep your workforce connected and informed, energized and motivated?
Do you offer any employee assistance or wellness programs to help them balance family and job and evolving economic and health concerns?
How will you help sustain productivity and efficiency?
What role will technology play?
Will you be adding or enhancing programs that promote diversity and inclusion?

Share with your peers

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We look forward to hearing from you.