Promoting financial wellness all year long

Your employees want information and guidance on how to improve their financial well-being, and they’re looking to their employers to provide it. Good news—help is here.

The 2020 Financial Wellness Calendar provides a yearlong schedule of educational outreach activities that can help support employees as they work toward their financial goals. The calendar highlights the following financial wellness communications planned for the year:

Themed content available on Benefits OnLine® and other materials.
Newsletters and hosted webcasts we send directly to employees who elect to receive financial education from us.
Ready-to-go materials available for you to use on the Employee Financial Education Resources website.

Organized by month, the calendar also identifies timely and relevant topics—such as budgeting, managing debt, taxes and savings strategies—seasonal themes and national events that can help you build a financial wellness education program around your employees’ interests.

Key takeaways

Download the 2020 Financial Wellness Calendar and consider how the resources referenced each month can help you boost employee engagement throughout the year.

Talk with your Bank of America team about building a robust financial wellness engagement program at your company.

Download a guide for employers to learn about strategies you can use to promote financial wellness in the workplace and beyond.