Purposeful innovation makes a difference

A message from Lisa Margeson, head of Retirement Client Experience & Communications

I think we’d all agree that we have a collective responsibility to help employees make their best financial decisions. As an employer, you play a pivotal role in supporting financial wellness, and we support you by continuously researching new ways to help you succeed in that effort. What we do together makes a difference.

A wide-reaching financial wellness conversation

Lisa Margeson

In our 2019 Workplace Benefits Report, which we are highlighting in this issue, we expanded the financial wellness conversation beyond fundamental financial topics. We examined other contributing factors that affect employees’ happiness and wellness both at work and at home. We dug deep, looking at issues ranging from the economic and emotional stresses of caregiving to how diversity and inclusion programs are changing the workplace. We explored employees’ views of health care costs, and how well they understand how a Health Savings Account can help with costs now and in the future.

By directly surveying employees about the issues and concerns that have significant impact on their lives, we gain vital information for employers. Insights from these important conversations can help your organization make benefit choices more relevant and personal, acknowledging all aspects of your employees’ lives, making it easier for employees to identify goals and take action.

Research that leads to purposeful innovation

Your employees lead financial lives that have continued to grow increasingly complex. Our proprietary research represents a large body of work that helps us pull relevant program components together to create more value for employers. Our groundbreaking research on life priorities, the eye-opening results of our life stage thought leadership, and the information-rich Workplace Benefits Report have all helped to reveal what a successful financial journey looks like over a lifetime—and inspired us to create thoughtful and responsive financial wellness innovations to help your employees along the way.

That is why we have been executing a robust, multi-year roadmap that continues our major investment in improving our services across the board. In early 2020, driven by the latest insights from our research, we’ll introduce enhancements that will deliver an even more holistic, personalized and actionable financial wellness experience for your employees.

Building better connections

We listen to people every day. That’s one of the reasons we know the financial wellness journey as well as we do. The voice of the customer is powerful, particularly when combined with our thought leadership work. Our team of financial wellness specialists hears people’s real-life stories at group and one-on-one meetings, building and sharing collective wisdom through those conversations.

While in-person interactions have their own special impact, it’s important to meet people where they are and let them know how they’re doing. Enhancing all communication channels and experiences means we are there when they need us, in the way that works best for them, whether that’s by phone, face to face, or online.

We don’t innovate for innovation’s sake. We are purposeful in what we do for you and your employees. Our changes and enhancements are intentional, designed to help employees achieve a lifetime of financial well-being.

We hope you will be as excited as we are as we launch new purposeful enhancements in the coming year. As always, we remain fully committed to helping you make a difference for your employees. Even more importantly, you can be confident that every approach supports your employees as people first, keeping their needs front and center as they travel their financial journey.

We appreciate your trust in us for this important work.

Lisa Margeson

Lisa Margeson
Head of Retirement Client Experience & Communications

Any new products, services or enhancements are subject to change based solely on Bank of America decision, including not proceeding with a planned offering.