Coworkers reviewing bulletin board


What employers want the power to do

Learning what’s most important to people is sometimes as simple as asking the question. At a recent event, we did just that. Employers answered the question, “What would you like the power to do?®” We wanted to share a sampling of those responses to help provide insights into the priorities and challenges faced by your colleagues in the industry. It’s interesting to note that many of the responses were similar to what we hear from employees.

  • employees working
    Help employees maximize company benefits.
    Transform employees’ lives.
    Give employees tools to live to 100.
    Translate insights into action.”
  • woman volunteering, planting a tree
    Transform lives in the community.
    Leave a better world for my kids.
    Be a positive role model.
    Make an impact.”
  • workplace
    Continue to learn and grow.
    Make connections.
    Celebrate success.”
  • dad and kids
    Achieve financial security.
    Invest with purpose.
    Afford college for my kids.
    Retire comfortably.”
  • family heading to beach
    Spend more time with family.
    Live well.
    Travel the world.
    Work, play and have fun.”