Fun at work

How we think about the workplace is changing—from siloed job functions, rigid policies and traditional compensation to a more collaborative and flexible experience with opportunities for meaningful work and growth.

Many employers are embracing this movement and using the lure of a more personalized work culture to attract new talent. We talk about the shift to personalized benefits as one way to give your company a leg up in the competitive job market. And, now there’s another notion gaining steam. It’s all about having fun—fun at work that is.

New research from Deloitte tells us that striking the right balance of fun and work can help develop and sustain an engaged and productive team.1 In fact, cultivating a climate of fun can help strengthen social connections and energize employees across the organizations. Fun can also boost employee morale, positively influencing how employees view their jobs and the people with whom they work.1

But what does fun at work mean?

It starts with an organizational commitment to creating a positive climate that improves the employee experience. There are many ways to deliver on this commitment, and you can be creative in finding the activities that will resonate the most with your employees. For example, consider kicking off team meetings with a daily riddle; bringing employees from different parts of the organization together for a company-sponsored lunch; celebrating birthdays or work anniversaries; and designating social spaces for employees to take a break from work, connect with others and even play games.

Shifting a workplace culture to encourage and be accepting of social and playful work environment doesn’t happen overnight, but it can begin with simple steps and small incremental changes. Many employers start by gathering input from employees on what’s important to them. Be alert to ideas that seem to click with employees and act on those first. In addition, you might want to identify “champions of fun” who can lead by example and help drive a good balance between work and play.

As employee expectations shift, the job market tightens and your company seeks a way to engage its employees and attract new ones, a little plain old-fashioned fun might be just what you need.

1 Deloitte Review, “Are We Having Fun Yet,” January 2019.