Listening to what employees want

As our Financial Wellness Specialists conduct educational meetings and personal consultations with employees throughout the country, they often hear employees express their financial goals and challenges. We thought sharing some of these comments could provide valuable insights as you develop benefits strategies and financial wellness programs to help employees pursue what matters most.

Here’s what employees are saying they want the power to do:

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    Get comprehensive, personalized guidance.
    Get my day-to-day finances in order.
    Stay accountable to stay on track toward my goals.
    Manage debt/get out of debt.
    Worry less.
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    Understand health savings accounts better.
    Afford health care and my desired standard of living in retirement.
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    Plan for college.
    Pay off my student loans more quickly.
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    Prepare my children for a financially healthy life.
    Take care of extended family members.
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    Have enough money to retire—maybe even retire early.
    Have a way to assess my “retirement readiness.”

Key takeaways

Offer on-site workshops, seminars and consultative opportunities that provide employees with guidance and support to help them pursue their goals.

Explore the Employee Financial Education Resources online library for ready-to-go educational materials you can share with employees to give them the information they need to take positive action on their benefits and improve their financial lives.

Continually assess your financial wellness program and refine it as needed. Your Bank of America Merrill Lynch team can provide best practices and insights to help keep your program on track with your goals.