Help with employee education is a click away

The Employee Financial Education Resources online library is designed to help you deliver regular and relevant communications to your employees that can help them maximize plan benefits and pursue financial wellness. The online library provides quick access to more than 250 educational materials—including emails, brochures, posters, seminars and videos—on topics ranging from enrollment, plan features and account access to planning for life’s financial priorities.

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From the home page, you can access a content catalog that lists materials alphabetically to help you quickly find what you need. Or you can browse communications in any of four main categories:

1 Financial wellness. Here you can find a vast array of resources to support your employees' needs beyond the workplace, and empower them to find the confidence and freedom to live their best financial lives. Clicking on the Topic Bundles tab will allow you to explore communications on key financial wellness topics and issues by life priority.
2 401(k). Materials under this tab are conveniently organized in frequently used categories: getting started, making key account decisions, understanding plan features and services, and 401(k) with HSA messaging. You can also find resources under the 401(k) tab by communication type and by topic bundle.
3 Equity/ESPP/NQDC. Ready-to-go communications found here can help employees get the most out of their equity awards, employee stock purchase plan or nonqualified plan.
4 Online resources. This page provides a sample of some of our key online resources available to you and your employees, including Benefits OnLine® Education Center, Express Enrollment and our targeted campaign program.

Key takeaways

Explore the Employee Financial Education Resources online library.

Review the 2019 Financial Wellness calendar for opportunities to connect your employees to valuable information throughout the year.

Talk with your Bank of America Merrill Lynch representative about ways we can help keep employees engaged with their benefits and make financial lives better.